Worry never robs tomorrow of its sadness, it only saps today of its joy - Leo Buscaglia

We all worry from time to time. Sometimes it’s because we have a big event coming up, whether it’s your driving test, exams or an important presentation or it might even be something that’s meant to be a really happy event such as your wedding day. You don’t need to let your nerves get the better of you. These times are such wonderful opportunities to show the world what you can achieve or how happy you are. You can be the best you can be on the day with some simple tools that I teach both in and out of hypnosis to put you back in control and give you the confidence to be the best you can.

If you find that you’re worrying about a number of issues and it’s going on for a long time, these worries are deeper and there are often a number of reasons why you started worrying so much. Sometimes, you may find that you’re starting to become anxious about things that you used to be absolutely fine with and this is often related to things being grouped together in your mind so as you stop doing one thing, you’ll find that you feel less comfortable doing something else completely unrelated.

Hypnotherapy can help with both types of anxiety and helps to give you the freedom and confidence to enjoy your life and take on each event as it arises.

You can take control and deal with your worries here at my practice in Lower Earley, Reading. Just give me a call and find out how Hypnotherapy, Counselling or BWRT can help you.


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