We all have times in our lives when we feel a bit down. Perhaps things aren’t going quite as we’d like them to or our hormones are a little up and down.

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to lift your mood and put you back on track for a good day.


  1. Go for a walk. Any form of exercise releases Endorphins, a chemical in the brain which gives us that feel good factor.
  2. Sing. Singing, like exercise, produces a change in mood and you can alter how you feel simply by putting your favourite upbeat playlist on and singing along. The beauty of this is that you can sing anywhere; in the car, while doing the housework, in the park (if you’re brave enough), or anywhere the mood takes you.
  3. Have a bath. Sometimes we feel stressed and that’s why we feel down. Taking some time out to relax and allowing everything to settle in mind and body means your mind has a chance to work things out or simply switch off for a while.
  4. Have a good cry. Put on a favourite film or programme which you know will make you cry. It’s a wonderful sense of release to let the emotion out and you’ll feel better for it afterwards.
  5. Take 5. If you’re somewhere where you can’t switch off or take some time for longer mood lifters, take 5 minutes out from what you’re doing and let everything settle. Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and just having a quick break makes everything clearer. If you can, take your 5 minutes in fresh air but if you can’t leave your desk or wherever you are, just stop what you’re doing, take a couple of deep breaths, have a glass of water and then get back to it.
  6. Have a glass of water. When we become dehydrated, our brains don’t work so well and it can leave us feeling foggy. Drinking lots of caffeine means that you’re reliant on stimulants to keep focus and when the ‘hit’ wares off, your energy levels drop and so will your mood. It also acts as a diuretic so instead of increasing your fluid intake, it just makes you pee more and add to the problem.  Enjoy a coffee by all means, but make sure that you get plenty of water to keep your brain alert without relying on props.
  7. Don’t turn to chocolate. It’s an artificial mood enhancer and when the sugar rush wares off, your blood sugar will drop and your mood will drop with it again. That’s when you get into the vicious circle of needing to replenish the lost energy to increase your mood and satisfy your cravings.
  8. Phone a friend. Sometimes the old ones are the best. If you’ve got a few minutes spare, call someone you know will understand where you’re coming from or more importantly, be likely to lighten your mood. Whether you just need someone to sound off to or you know they’ll be generally cheerful and distract you then that’s fine. No texting or messaging, you need a voice at the end of the phone or better still, face to face if you can manage it. Whatever works for you.
  9. Don’t procrastinate. If you’re feeling down because you’ve got something on your mind that you need to deal with, then just do it. Putting it off isn’t making it go away, it’s just bringing you down. Once it’s done, no matter how unpleasant, you’ll feel so much better and that proverbial weight will be lifted, just like your mood.
  10. If it feels like everything is going wrong, look at what’s going right. It’s so much easier to focus on what isn’t working than what is. Give gratitude for what is good in your life and put the negatives into perspective. If they still feel overwhelming, ask for help. The simple act of asking someone for help can cause a significant shift in your mood, just knowing that you’re not tackling everything on your own.