Does losing weight fill you with delight or a sense of struggle?

If, like most women (and quite a few men), you’ve tried dieting at some point in your life, then here is an amazing fact; the term Weight Loss is actually stopping you from losing weight.

I know, it sounds ridiculous right? How can I say that the one thing that you’re trying to achieve may be stopping you from doing it? Well, it’s all in the language and weight loss is, in itself, a negative suggestion to your mind. And, as we all know, if the mind is not in harmony with the body, you’re less likely to achieve your goal.

When we think or talk about losing weight, we set off in a mindset of trying to achieve something that goes against everything we’ve ever believed in. Sounds bizarre but most of us grow up learning that we should look after our possessions. From a very early age, we’re told to keep hold of our teddy when we take him out with us to the park, we have our gloves attached to our clothes so that we don’t lose them and we see our parents and other adults who are significant in our lives looking unhappy, anxious or stressed when they have lost their car keys, purse, an important document etc.

This instils in us from a very early age that it’s important to keep what you have and a bad thing to lose stuff. Our wonderful subconscious mind absorbs all this information from Day 1 and those early formative years when we don’t have the filter system in place to judge what we need to keep hold of and what we can ignore means that the word loss has negative connotations.

We use terms such as ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ and ‘what a lost opportunity’. The word itself is filled with negativity.

So what do we do with something that we’ve lost? Yes, we try to find it and restore our own harmony. We don’t like losing things and we have a sense of unease until its back where it belongs. Can you see where I’m going here?

The term weight loss suggests that we’re losing something; part of ourselves is being lost and as with everything else, we’re not comfortable with ourselves until we find it again.  You might think that you’re being positive because you’re talking and thinking about losing weight but in reality you’re creating negativity around your goal.

Here is your opportunity to take control through the language that you use in your everyday conversation. Move on from weight loss  and losing weight to something more creative, imaginative or hard talking so your mind is fully in tune with where you are aiming for your body to be.

Instead of ‘I’m losing weight’, change it to ‘I’m releasing the excess weight’ or ‘I’ve waved bye bye to 3lbs this week’. You’re telling your mind that you’re getting rid of weigh that is not needed, its surplus to requirements. You are in control. You are taking this seriously and you aren’t messing about.

So the next time you’re focussing on your goal weight, make sure that the language that you’re using is completely in tune with the message that you’re sending both internally and externally. Start talking seriously and the results will follow.

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