Before women experience the Menopause, they perceive it largely as a run of hHot flushot flushes and night sweats. The reality is however, that the hot flushes are only part of the story.

There are a number of symptoms that women may experience through the course of their Menopause. That’s the key to this topic. Each woman has her own Menopause and it can differ significantly to even that of her mother, sister, aunt, grandmother etc. Some women suffer every symptom known to relate to the Menopause while others will seemingly get away lightly. Once women may have suffered 10 years of hot flushes while another had a couple one afternoon and that was that. Another may have gained a stone in weight while her friend didn’t gain an ounce. Some women experience anxiety or low mood while others hardly notice a difference.

The big question is how much control do you actually have over your Menopause? The answer is that although some factors are out of our control, there are other factors that we can take charge of. It’s not simply a process that we just have to ‘grin and bear’ like our mothers, grandmothers and their ancestors did. What we now know is that if we look at those symptoms individually, there are ways of dealing with them and taking back the control that you feel you’re losing as your body changes.

There has been increasing evidence over the last few years that Hypnotherapy can really help women to cope with some symptoms related to the Menopause.

So how can Hypnotherapy help my menopause?

  • It can help you to manage your hot flushes
  • It can help you to deal with your anxiety
  • It can help you to cope with panic attacks
  • It can help you to tackle weight gain
  • It can help you to deal with your low mood
  • It can help you to come to terms with changes in your body
  • It can help to improve your libido
  • It can help you to cope with changes in your sleep patterns


There are so many ways that Hypnotherapy can help you. You can enjoy life during the Menopause by taking back the control over changes in your body.

The menopause is an inevitable part of being a woman but the symptoms don’t have to be.

If you’d like to find out more about how Hypnotherapy can help you to cope with the symptoms related to your Menopause, please contact Catherine today at to find out more.