Can I start off by mentioning that I am no expert in colour, its meaning or the true extent of its uses.  So why am I writing a blog on it?  Well, it’s more about my own curiosity of how it can be used. Kaleidoscope of Colour

I’ve found the beneficial use of colour helpful when working with my clients and recently, have explored how it can be used to change feelings and emotions in a number of areas.

Colour can often reflect our mood.  Why is it that some days we want to dress in dark, unassuming clothes while on other days, we want the world to know that we’re feeling bright and energised and this is often reflected in our choice of dress.

Does the colour dictate the mood or is it the other way around?  If you’re feeling down and want to feel differently, would wearing something bright and colourful change how you feel?  Perhaps not in such simplistic terms but what it may do is make a small shift in how you feel.  It breaks up the patterns of darkness and suggests to your subconscious that something is different.  When you’re feeling down, something different may just be a small start in the right direction.

Colour can become a habit just like everything else.  What happens when you predominantly wear one colour and one day you wear something completely different or choose something for your house that is a bit of a change from your usual style and taste?  There’s often an internal shift that accompanies the change and even if you’re not struggling with anything, it can just give you a little positive kick.

Moving away from the basic choices of what you wear, have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere related to the colour of the room?  For example, if you walk into a green room, it can feel very calming because its emulating a place of nature, just as yellow can make you feel more positive or red can range from danger to passion, depending on the circumstances!

People often feel better after a walk in the countryside.  Is that just because of the physical exercise and the freshness of the air or do the colours around you also have an effect on your wellbeing?   Equally when you see the sea on a beautiful day and it’s calm and peaceful, the colour draws you in to the peace and tranquillity of scene.  The greyness of a blustery day changing the mood of the sea as well as its colour will give quite a different impression.

I’m certainly recognising more and more how colour can be used in so many ways and perhaps it’s worth noticing how colour is influencing you.