You know that niggle that you get when something isn’t quite right?  And even when others reassure you that you’re imagining it or they’re sure it will be fine, your instincts tell you otherwise?  Have they proved you right?  The answer is probably yes.  Your instincts are your inner guidance, your higher self, your compass if you like to take you in the right direction.

Sometimes we’re not sure what we feel or perhaps we’re swayed by the influence of others and that’s not always a bad thing.  Where it’s easy to blog photogo wrong is when we allow ourselves to be swayed by the guidance of others and it’s contradicting our own instincts, perhaps from those who may either not fully know the facts, be following their own inner beliefs which may not be in your best interest or even that you’re ignoring that gut instinct in favour of following what you perceive as the greater knowledge of others.

I’ve seen it in a number of areas in life.  Being wary of someone although I didn’t know why, only to be proved right; feeling that someone was the wrong choice for something but being swayed by the majority vote to find that my initial instincts were correct and even the instincts of a mum-to-be who wouldn’t be comforted by those around her that her baby was fine because her instincts told her otherwise.  Mum was correct, everyone listened and everything was absolutely fine but that mum wasn’t taking any level of reassurance for granted because her inner guidance told her otherwise and she listened.

What was it that told that mum that there was something wrong?  Not the routine tests that had been done or pain or any other physical symptom, it was her gut instinct, her inner guidance, call it what you will, she knew.

I have been proved right so many times but I’m not infallible and have thought I was doing the right thing when it hasn’t worked.  The point is that trusting my instincts has helped me to make some good decisions, keep me safe and hopefully move in the right direction to where I want to be.

Do you follow your instincts or have you stopped listening?