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quit smokingDo you get nagged constantly by your family and friends to quit smoking? I bet you’re thinking that they don’t know what it’s like. How hard it is to give up. Well, they probably don’t BUT the good news is that with hypnosis you’re not going to feel like this. Don’t think of it as giving up, that implies that it’s a process which takes time and effort. What you’re doing is quitting, being a Non-Smoker, reaping the rewards of feeling so much better, having more energy, feeling fitter and knowing that from the moment that you make the decision, you’re already starting to recover from the effects of smoking. With hypnosis, it can be easy.

With the advances in BWRT®, I can also offer this amazing form of therapy as an alternative for those who want to try a different approach to hypnosis.

The key to enhancing your chances to successfully quit smoking is to be really ready to quit.  People who aren’t fully committed will always find it more difficult and if your only motivation is to quit for financial reasons, sadly it’s less likely to work.  You really need to want to quit smoking and work out why you’re ready to quit right now.  The more motivated that you feel, the more chance of success from hypnotherapy.

When you feel ready to quit smoking, really dig deep and think about all the good reasons why you’re ready to quit.  What will be better in your life, what are you ready to release?  What will you gain when you become a non-smoker?  Make sure that you’re really focussing on all the positive reasons to quit and you’re already well on the way to becoming a non-smoker.

Many of my clients have quit in a single session although if you need it, there is a follow up session included in the cost of your Quit Smoking Package.

If you want to find out more about how I’ve helped people to quit smoking here at my Practice in Lower Earley, Reading just give me a call on 07811 907911 or email catherine@berkshiretherapist.co.uk today and find out how easy it can be.


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