Getting rid of old pain and being pain free

Have you ever heard the term ‘pain, it’s all in the mind’?  Well, if you’ve ever experienced pain, you’ll know that it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s all in the mind!  Quite the opposite in fact.  How can it be in the mind when I’ve hurt my knee and that’s exactly where it’s hurting?someone curled up in pain

Now I’m certainly not an expert, but according to those who are, the brain has this amazing way of keeping us safe by keeping the messages it sends appropriate to our needs.  So, for example, if you hurt yourself and then it feels quite minor, it’s because the messages from the injury have been sent at lightening speeds to your brain where it’s been assessed as to the severity which then decides how much it should hurt and how you should react.

So that first message you get when you scratch your foot will assess whether you need to be limping in severe pain to keep your weight of the injury or if it’s just a quick flash of discomfort to let you know that it’s happened but then it’s job done.

This can sometimes go a bit wrong in some circumstances if your brain assesses the injury as a scratch when it’s something far more severe because it’s either  got nothing to compare it to or the injury is similar to something less serious and vice versa but in general, your brain will gauge it pretty accurately.

So if the brain is that sophisticated, how come pain can linger on and is it always needed?

Well, sometimes it continues because it needs to be there as a warning, to guide you to take the right steps to get help, to prevent the damage getting worse and essentially to keep you safe but often, it’s like an old message that has got stuck.  Paradoxically, it can also prevent the messages of new pain getting through, being masked by the symptoms of the old pain.

So if it’s no longer serving a purpose; you know that you have arthritis, an old injury or back problem, do you need a constant reminder?

woman is pain freeActually no you don’t.  Sometimes the subconscious needs a gentle reminder that the pain isn’t helping any more, in fact, pain can limit normal movement which can cause further problems so it is not always the safety net it would seem.  Once your subconscious recognises this, it can release the pain and so, even after a number of years, you can be pain free.

Your subconscious mind is an amazingly powerful part of you.  It really can help you overcome so many things including managing your pain.


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