Workshops and Online Courses

Anxiety, The Menopause and Me Workshop

Next workshop TBC  Click here for more information

Vision Board Workshop

Get your dreams and goals clear with this creative workshop where you’ll get to really focus on what you want your life to look like and then have the opportunity to make a vision board so that you can really focus on your goals at any time of year, not just in January.  Click here for more details.

The Menopause Made Easier – Online 6 week course

A 6 week online course covering everything from hot flushes and anxiety to building your confidence and re-finding your place in the world.  All brought together with weekly videos, worksheets and a lovely relaxation recording aimed at helping you to cope with that week’s topic.  There’s also a lovely supportive Facebook group to share ideas and information as well as finding all the amazing information you’ll receive.  Click here for more details

Smear Test Anxiety – Free Group Session

A single group session to help you overcome your anxiety about having your smear test done.  Click here for more details.