Self esteem

Self esteem comes from a belief about yourself. It often results from life experiences and situations that have left you feeling thatbelieve in yourself you’re not as good as others or worthy of being liked, you’re not able to achieve something or you’re unable to see yourself in a new situation.

Low self esteem can come from a number of different sources.  It may be that you’ve tried to do something and feel that you’ve failed and this has resulted in lowering your belief that you can achieve it.  low self esteem can also come from an outside source, often during childhood when we are easily influenced by those in authority such as a parent, teacher or other significant adult.  Unfortunately, negative comments as to our abilities during this time can be easily absorbed by the sub-conscious mind and result in an inner belief that we’re not good enough.  Once this inner belief is there, it is easy to reinforce it every time something doesn’t happen or work out how we’d like, it simply adds to the belief that we’re not good enough to achieve anything.

Raising your self esteem simply means that you’ll change your inner belief about yourself, your self worth and your abilities to achieve what you want to achieve.  You can change your internal thought process to accept who you are and really see your potential.

Big bowl of self esteemThrough a variety of tools, I can help you to realise your potential, deal with the issues from the past and re-shape your life so that you can really believe in who you are and what you’re capable of.

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