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healthy food and tape measure representing weight lossAre you ready to deal with the reasons why you have gained weight, lose the excess weight and take control of your eating? Do you want to naturally choose healthier options, smaller portions and not feel like you’re missing out on anything? Do you want to increase your motivation to exercise?

Why is it that the moment we declare that we’re going to lose weight, we instantly crave all the foods that we’re not meant to eat? There’s something about that feeling of denial that immediately makes us want to fight back and show who’s in charge. And justifications can come in many forms; just one won’t hurt, I’ll be good tomorrow, it’s because I’m tired, stressed, lonely, bored, pre-menstrual, running late and a hundred other reasons to justify the big slip.

Our minds are amazing things. They form the basis of what we know, learn, do and don’t do. They also operate in many ways like a computer – already programmed on how to respond to every thought, feeling and situation. This means that we don’t have to think our way through every moment of our lives, we just respond naturally which, when we’re doing things that we want to is great. The down side is that when we get into bad habits or struggle with specific triggers such as stress, loneliness, boredom, hormonal changes or any of the number of reasons why people over-eat or choose the wrong foods, our brain immediately looks for the nearest match for a response. The problem comes from the fact that the ‘match’ may not be a desirable one but it becomes harder to fight when it’s so embedded.

The problems with dieting

Diets rely on:

  • Willpower – if you overeat for emotional reasons, you eat to reduce your anxiety. This is ruled by your subconscious mind and is very powerful. This is the simple reason why people often do not succeed with willpower alone.
  • Supplements/food replacements – work initially due to the vast reduction in the number of calories taken in. The problem is when you return to normal eating.- you have not retrained your eating habits.
  • Calorie-controlled diets – based on a feeling of deprivation and we often need to rebel against this.

If you’re reading this you have probably worked out that diets don’t work. I used to work with someone that was convinced that she would be half the size if she’d never gone on a diet! Unfortunately, she always regained the weight and then some.

What will you gain when you lose - weight lossHypnotherapy can help you to deal with the causes of your weight gain, release negative thoughts, feelings or emotions, reduce your stress (which causes your body to release Cortisol, a hormone which drives you to stock up on high calorie foods) and take control of your eating without the feelings of deprivation.

So if you’re ready to deal with the reasons for gaining weight, take control of your food intake and feel the benefits without the struggle, then my Weight Loss Packages are for you.

Weight Loss Packages

I offer 3 different packages for weight loss, depending on what you want to achieve and the reasons for your weight gain.

Package 1:

Motivation, food choices and taking control

If you’re struggling to get motivated and want to shift up to a couple of stone, then this 3 session package will allow you to increase your motivation, make the right food choices and take control of your eating. This package can be extended if we both agree that you would benefit from extra sessions and as with all the packages, it’s completely tailored to your needs. This is best suited to those who have previously been at a healthy weight and found that the weight has crept on over recent months/years. The cost of this package is £195 for 3 session and any further sessions would be charged at £65 per session. All sessions are recorded and sent to the client as an MP3.

Package 2:

In-depth exploration and resolving deeper issues

This is for those who have always had a weight problem, never quite taken control of their eating or have more complex causes of weight gain. It involves a more in-depth exploration of the causes of weight gain and works on those causes at a much deeper level. This is for those who have more than 3 stone to lose and depending on the client’s needs, will usually require 5 – 6 sessions. The cost of this package is £200 for the first 3 sessions then £65 per session as required. Clients on this package should be prepared to continue over a further 2 – 3 sessions to gain the benefit of a more in-depth programme. Some sessions are recorded and sent to the client as an MP3. Some exploratory sessions are not appropriate to record as they require me to work with the result of the exploration during the session. Clients on this programme will, however, receive the recordings of all the motivational sessions to continue listening to at home.

Package 3:

The WHY Programme – Weight, Hypnotherapy and You

This package is for those who are determined to shed the excess weight and are committed to continue and see real results. The package is based on on-going results so the client will commit to ongoing weight loss in order to continue. This programme is designed to give you a variety of tools to continue working with, a workbook, recordings of all your hypnosis sessions and a weight loss through the programme of at least 16lbs or 8 Kilos. You can of course shed much more than that and the work will continue after we’ve finished the programme because you’ll be set up to continue.

If you’re wondering where the 16 lbs comes from, then it’s because at differing stages of the programme, you are required to have shed at least 4 lbs or 2 Kilos before continuing. This requires your motivation and commitment to continue. Because of this, unlike the other 2 packages there are no ‘per session’ payments. The programme is 8 sessions long and when you book and are accepted onto the programme, payment is made before the first session in full. The cost of this programme is £500. It can take as long as you need so if you’re able to make changes quickly, you may complete it in a short time but if you need longer to work on each section, then you can take as long as you need. There are no time limits so you can work at your own pace. Because this package is based on ultimate commitment, I cannot offer refunds if you no longer want to continue or payment plans. This is for those who are really serious about shifting the weight and are ready to commit. I will tailor the package to your needs, ensure that you have full support and we can work through any concerns to ensure that you achieve your desired goal.

The Eight Sessions:

Session 1: Intake – gathering information and introducing you to the Programme

Session 2: Reframing Compulsive Eating

Session 3: Teaching you Self Hypnosis

Session 4: Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management

After session 4, each subsequent session can be booked once you’ve reduced your weight by at least 4lbs (2 Kilos).  Once you’ve achieved this, you can book in straight away for your next session and you are in charge so you can work at your own pace.

You’ll receive an MP3 recording of each of the following hypnosis sessions and you can listen to them regularly to reinforce the good work that you’re doing to enable you to achieve your desired goal.  You’ll then be required to continue to lose 4lbs or 2 Kilos following sessions 5,6 and 7 in order to book your next session.

Session 5: Making Sensible Food Choices

Session 6: Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food

Session 7: Boosting Motivation to Exercise

Session 8: Pulling it all together for lasting results.

The Programme can of course be adapted to your individual needs to enhance your goal achievement.

This package is for those who are really committed and want to use the tools to take control of their lives.

If you’re not sure which package would best suit your needs, why not give me a call and we’ll chat through the options. As with any type of therapy, you need to be motivated to work towards your desired goal to gain maximum effect. Some clients may require clearance from their GP prior to starting.



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